I was chatting with Donna Haile earlier this week. Doozie, as we call her, is our Distributor for the Central US Region, and was one of our very first Retailers. Now, if you ever meet Doozie, she will tell you that her favorite color is Vintage White. She loves whites. She often dresses in pure white in the summer and winter white in the colder (for Texas) months. Her store, Doozie’s Corner, always is filled with beautiful, white decor. Talking to her inspired my color choice for the week.

Doozie's Corner



While I “never say never”, I just don’t see adding another white to our CeCe Caldwell’s Paints palette. Do we really need four whites? We have Vintage White (a creamy, dreamy white), Simply White (a neutral, bright white), and Dover White Wash (an unpigment white that is translucent).  Since I am not giving Doozie a new packaged white, I decided I would come up with a new white mix inspired by her. The name of the white was easy: Abilene Alabaster. Donna, her husband Wesley (who also is an integral part of the Doozie and CeCe Family), and all three of their children were born and raised in Abilene, TX. However, now Doozie and Wesley live outside of McKinney, TX, where she has her store.


I puled all three whites from the cabinet. I mixed equal parts of them. I could have stopped there, but I happen to know she also loves blues and grays. I grabbed my can of Smoky Mountain Gray. It is a gray-blue that at times even takes on a green cast. I added a part of Smoky and blended it in.   There it was, a perfect white with just a tint of gray-blue: Abilene Alabaster.

Now, I think she needs to paint something Abilene Alabaster and share it with us all. It is a beautiful, soft white. I can’t wait to see what she does with it.

Abilene Alabaster: 5 parts Vintage White : 5 parts Simply White : 5 Parts Dover White Wash : 1 part Smoky Mountain Gray.

Alternate/Easier Abilene Alabaster: 15 parts any CeCe Caldwell’s Paints white : 1 part Smoky Mountain Gray

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