Mixology Monday© – Weeki Wachee Aqua


This week one of our CeCe Caldwell’s Paints Retailers asked if we would consider making a certain color. She supplied a picture of the color for me to see. It was a medium aqua. I was pretty sure it was not a single color and that it had been glazed or dark waxed or something.

The picture was a shot of a piece of painted furniture that found on the Internet. She did not supply me with the source or the color name. I did some searching on the Internet and found the original source.



The picture shared with me.

The picture shared with me.

Once I found the post on Make Me Pretty Again, it confirmed my suspicions;  it was two colors of base paint that were topped in a mix of milk paint.  Then it was dark waxed.

larger view from Male Me Pretty Again

larger view from Make Me Pretty Again


The issue with pictures is you never know if it was a true representation of the actual color. In this instance that really doesn’t matter because the she wanted the color displayed on her screen. That is another problem; colors displayed on various monitors and screes vary greatly. I usually work from a Mac desktop but also have a MacBook, iPad and iPhone. The same image appears as different colors on all four screens.  That is why you always see disclaimers for most items that are color related: carpet, fabric, and paint.


I set about mixing the color I saw on my desktop monitor. I had a bit of trouble with it because the picture had more blue in it than I personally prefer. (My favorite color is green.) I wanted to make it more of a blue-green than a green-blue.   I ended up mixing four colors, all of which could be used to replicate the picture color. In the end, I chose the one that is pretty much spot on to the color on my monitor. I used a blend of Santa Fe Turquoise, Emerald Isle and Thomasville Teal. I know if when she mixes it if it is not the color she sees on her monitor that she will be able to tweak it get it perfect, just as you can also do.

Weeki Wachee Aqua, a blend of Santa Fe, Emerald Isle and Thomasville.

Weeki Wachee Aqua, a blend of Santa Fe, Emerald Isle and Thomasville.



Aquas always have that beachy, nautical feel to them. There were so many names I could have chosen. Lauren, the person behind our social media, suggested Weeki Wachee Aqua. It was a great suggestion and I knew I had to use it when I discovered that Weeki Wachee is an actual (unincorporated) town.


Weeki Wachee State Park

Weeki Wachee State Park source: Southwest Florida Water Management District

Located in Hernando County, Florida it is 640 acres and is home to 12 people. I had only known Weeki Wachee as a tourist attraction in Florida; who knew it was also a town! Located nearby are the 12,000-acre  Weekiwachee Preserve and the Weeki Wachee Springs park. It is located about an hour north of Tampa, FL near the beautiful Gulf Coast. Billing itself as “The Only City with Live Mermaids” makes it unique and intriguing. Long known for the mermaid shows, Weeki Wachee is now a Florida State Park.   The human mermaids have been performing for more than 63 years. The clear water they perform in is fed by a natural spring that bubbles up from the aquifer at a blissful and consistent 74 degrees.


manatee and mermaid

manatee and mermaid source: VisitFlorida.com

Have you ever visited Weeki Wachee and watched the mermaids dance from the underground theater? I did, many decades ago, long before it was part of the Florida State Parks. I would love to visit again and see if from an adult’s perspective.

Weeki Wachee Aqua: 8 parts Santa Fe Turquoise : 3 parts Emerald Isle : 2 parts Thomasville Teal