This week’s Mixology Monday is a guest post by Laura Hughes. Laura was a Retailer for us before she and her mother became one of our Northeast regional Distributors. She’s also been a great volunteer for our charity of choice, Enchanted Makeovers.

Laura Hughes


My mom Yvonne & I are CeCe Caldwell’s Paints distributors for the Northeast. We are thrilled to serve Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, New Hampshire, Vermont & Maine. Our shop, Vintage This, Repurpose That,  is located in Orwigsburg, PA.


We needed to create a soft pink for a client so in creating this color it reminded us of tutus, ballet slippers and of course the NYC Ballet. We created this pink by using 6 parts Minnesota Pink Lady’s Slipper, 3 Parts Seattle Mist, 3 Parts Simply White & 3 Parts Vintage White.

The New York City ballet is one of the top-rated companies in the world and has a long list of amazing dancers. The company was founded in 1948 by two men George Balanchine and Lincoln Kirstein. It took no time at all for the school to be known for it’s athletic & contemporary style. Jerome Robbins joined the New York City Ballet Company the following year and with these 3 at the helm turned the company into what it is today and made it firmly apart of NYC.


The company currently has about 90 dancers making it the largest dance organization in America. The school of American Ballet which is the official school of New York City Ballet has an enrollment of over 350 hopeful dancers. They represent nearly every state in the nation and around the world.

Balanchine passed away in 1983 leaving Robbins and Martins to share the title of Master in Chief. Since 1990 Martins has taken on the sole responsibility for the NYC Ballet keeping and preserving Balanchine’s ideals.


I them began to wonder WHY PINK? Where did pink come into ballet and out of all of the colors for tights and tutus why do we associate pink with ballet. Pink is feminine but as we all have heard a million times real men wear pink too! When I started to research the color I found that way back when ballet was starting pink was as close to skin tone as they could get in making tights for the dancers. It goes unnoticed as well so we see the lines of a dancers body and not brightly colored legs. I found that most importantly it lets a dance instructor see the lines and the muscles her students are using, making sure that they are using correct form. I so enjoyed learning the history of the NYC Ballet and why pink is such an integral part of this wonderful art form. I will look at those pink tights a little different now that I know what their purpose is. My next visit to NYC will also include a performance by this amazing Ballet Company.


In my own life I am surrounded by pink. I have 2 girls and as we all know pink is an important part of most little girl things. We also do ballet here in our hometown so we get to dream big dreams of NYC Ballet and performing on the big stage. So in the middle of painting in this wonderful shade of pink I have visions of my girls in their pink tights, ballet slippers & tutus.

NYC Ballet Pink

This great little accent table that will be used as a nightstand is painted in NYC Ballet pink and finished with satin finish and then everybody needs a little sparkle in life so we added Sierra Silver Metallic Wax for a touch of shimmer.

I hope you add a little pink to your life with CeCe Caldwell’s Paints.


NYC Ballet Pink is made with 3 Parts Minnesota Pink Lady’s Slipper, 1 Part Seattle Mist, 1.5 Parts Simply White & 1.5 Parts Vintage White with a few drops of Pittsburgh Gray. (Add more or less to deepen the gray undertones)