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Retail format in which to sell

  • storefront
  • antique mall
  • or a multiple-vendor boutique

Regular store hours

have regular customer interactions – hold workshops & demonstrations

establish an active social media presence to promote retailer & CeCe brands

have a positive attitude & willingness to share tips & techniques with consumers.


As a retailer, you will be given an exclusive zip code defined area without direct competition from another retailer. Population densities and demographics are among the considerations for establishing territorial boundaries. Territories remain exclusive as long as sales are commensurate with the market segment of your area.

We Offer









= Our Comprehensive Retail Package


Your initial order is shipped on a pallet from our manufacturing facility in beautiful Ohio and contains every color in our current, trending color palette and each of our finishes, stains and enhancements. You will have everything you need to start selling right away! (Investment is US Dollars)


the Opportunity

Be part of an American-born company that provides the DIY market with colorful, natural, and safe finishes for furniture and home decor. We are the only company that offers a complete line of natural products – paints, stains, waxes, brush-on finishes and enhancements.

Here’s what our retail community is saying…

Rhonda and Justin Gatchek

Rhonda and Justin Gatchek

Vintage Birch Designs @ Robin's Egg | Milford, NH

Living in New Hampshire, carrying an all-natural, non-toxic paint line just made sense. Especially for personal use, since our winters drag on FOREVER; I wanted to be able to paint indoors without the worry of smells and toxic chemicals in the products I use. After researching several paint lines, we chose the CeCe Caldwell’s brand because of the wide range of products that were offered, but most importantly, because of “who they are”. By that, I mean, they are everyday people running a family business and doing their part to make this world a little more “green”.

Our customers appreciate the fact that they can now be creative year-round, with the ability to safely paint (and stain) inside their home! We have people driving 2-3 hours just get their “CeCe fix”!

Erin Gunckle Debri

Erin Gunckle Debri

Lucky Star Lane | Lansing, MI

I became a CeCe Caldwell’s retailer in Lansing, MI after being a customer since the early days of the company. I love to paint furniture and see the transformation process. It’s very rewarding for me to work for a company that cares about my health, the environment, and making a product coming 100% from the USA. It’s also a reward to teach other people to use CeCe Caldwell’s products and see their happiness when they transform an item themselves.

Anita Mason Moeggenberg

Anita Mason Moeggenberg

Flutterby Creations | West Chester, OH

Let me share with you why I choose to retail CeCe Caldwell’s Natural Chalk + Clay Paints. Well the name explains part of the reason. I love the fact that it is natural and will not harm us or our environment. I have worked with many different products over the past 20 years and I’m not sure just what I was doing to the environment or to my own health. But with Ce Ce Caldwell’s there is no guessing because it is all listed on the labels. Another reason would be that I am happy to be carrying a paint line that is American made and American sourced and American owned. Very American wouldn’t you say.

Yes those are great reasons to choose CeCe Caldwell’s Paints. But there’s more. The company is more of a family than a company. There is always someone ready to help with questions or situations or share something new and different. We all care about each other and want to help each other succeed in business. This is something that is not easily found out in the business world. I am with CeCe Caldwell’s paints because I know this is where I am suppose to be.

And one more thing…..the products are wonderful and they sell themselves it’s just that simple.

our Commitment

As a member of our community, we are committed to helping you make the most of your paint business.

we Care

about the environment and are committed to using recycled materials as much as possible. Our containers and labels are just a couple of examples of this promise.


Providing domestically manufactured products is a priority. Most CeCe products proudly boast the “Made in the USA” stamp and are inspired by regional American trends.

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