This week I was working on a fall project and wanted some hues of light brown or dark tan. Where does tan stop and brown start? I started by grabbing Texas Tea off the shelf and then California Gold and Myrtle Beach Sand. I started out using California Gold and Texas Tea at an even ratio. It was a little darker than I wanted. I added another part of the Gold. Perfection! A medium brown is what I was wanting.


I wanted a slightly lighter color for my second tone. I used equal parts of the brown I just created and the Myrtle Beach Sand sitting next to me. It was not exactly what I wanted, so I added another part of the MBS. That was it! These two came together quickly. Both of these would work well with another Mixology Monday© color, San José Latte.


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Next up was the task of naming them. Of course, the first town that came to mind was Brownsville, TX. Texas is already well represented in our palette, so I passed on it. I searched ‘towns named brown’ and up came Brown County, Indiana. As I researched Brown County, I immediately decided upon Bean Blossom Brown as the name of the lighter color. The darker color name was harder to choose.   It was between Story and Gnaw Bone. Sorry, Story, but the name Gnaw Bone Brown won out. Sometimes you just need a laugh.


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Brown County is located in the central southern part of Indiana. The county seat is Nashville. It is located roughly 260 miles north-northeast of the ‘other’ Nashville. Both of the unincorporated areas of Bean Blossom and Gnaw Bone are suburbs of the larger Nashville. Bean Blossom is famous for its blues festival that is held every August and Gnaw Bone reportedly hosts the world’s most difficult 10K run every May.   Personally, you are much more likely to see me at the blues fest than the marathon.

Gnaw Bone Brown: 2 parts California Gold : 1 part Texas Tea

Bean Blossom Brown: 2 parts Myrtle Beach Sand : 1 part Gnaw Bone Brown

Have you ever been to the Bean Blossom Blues Festival or run in Gnaw Bone race? Please share your stories, if you have. What project are you going to use one of these custom colors on? Share it with us on Facebook or Instagram.