Today’s Mixology Monday post is not about mixing colors to create a new hue but rather focusing on our pre-mixed colors that work well together. Sometimes deciding which colors to use together is difficult. I, personally, like to layer colors for added dimension on project pieces. I rarely paint anything a single color.

falll colors

Today we are using three colors: orange, yellow and brown. For the orange, I chose Pueblo Pepper, Middleton Mustard is my yellow and Texas Tea and Aging Cream are used for my browns.

This palette has a very autumnal feel to it. You see it in nature when the deciduous trees are readying themselves for a long winter’s nap.  I often look to nature for color palettes.   Mother nature is rarely wrong; she has a keen eye for color!

I used this combo late summer last year and again this past week on two entirely different projects.   First I will share this year’s project with you. I have some pottery and ceramic vases that I picked up from a thrift store for a really great price ($2-$3 each). They have been hanging out, waiting for me to do something with them.  Very plain beige paint with an orange peel texture; not very interesting look, if you ask me. My vision was to make it a pop of color and to hide the non-organic look of the texture.

I started by giving it a quick coat of Texas Tea. Then I slapped on a coat of Middleton Mustard. I did not want complete coverage. Last was the Pueblo Pepper. I applied it in various thickness and encouraged some to the areas to crackle.   I had a small amount of Pueblo Pepper left in my container. I did not stir it as I wanted to apply as much texture as possible. I applied a thin layer of the Pueblo Pepper over most of the Middleton Mustard, leaving some of the previous colors showing through in areas. That quickly dried and started layering more of the Pueblo Pepper. I used my brush like a palette knife and frosted many areas of the vase. After it had dried slightly, I used a blow dryer to add a slight crackle.


I then let it dry overnight. I applied Waxing Cream and then some of our brown Aging Cream to highlight the texture I had created. Total hands-on time was less than an hour, start to finish.

upclose pot


The project from last year was a small Bombay chest, and I used the colors in the same order. In addition, I used our Kukui Stain + Finish on the top of the chest.



As summer winds down you can use this palette for home décor pieces, signs and furniture. What would you use it on? Do you have a piece of furniture that it would compliment? Share your projects with us on our Facebook page or on Instagram.