Since we released our new Bauxite Beige Metallic Wax, it was inevitable that I would share the “rest of the recipe.” You may know that the wax color, now known as Bauxite Beige, was the color of the metallic wax that I always mixed for personal use before we released it to the public, premixed.

flint collage

The “rest of the recipe” was I would then blend some of my mix into Aging Cream, keep a bit of both on my palette, and use the “Muted Metallic” along with the Bauxite Beige and Aging Cream. Much like contouring and highlighting with makeup, you can do the same with our Metallic Waxes.

Today, the “Muted Metallic” is christened with a name: Flint. To make Flint, I mix equal parts of Bauxite Beige and Aging Cream and blend them together. Yes, it is that easy.

Fabulous Flint

I like to mute all of the Metallic Waxes with Aging Cream. I often use them to shadow and highlight areas on a project that needs added dimension. When I layer the “Muted Metallics” on top of Aging Cream it draws your attention to those areas. When I have an area that I want optically deepen when using Metallic Wax, I will layer the ‘Muted Metallic’ on top of the Metallic Wax. One can add needed dimension by creating optical illusions with waxes. Enhancing the signals that the eyes sends to the brain to register dimension has been used for ages in fine art and fine furniture.  I shared another “Muted Metallic” when I shared the Plymouth Pewter post.

FLINT: 1 part Bauxite Beige : 1 part Aging Cream

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