Today I am checking an item off my to-do list and sharing with you my favorite finish for tables and dresser tops. I love to use our Flat Matte brush-on finish and then put wax over it. You may wonder why this is my favorite. There are several reason this one is tops in my book.   I love the look and feel of it, that it is VERY resistant to liquids and staining, and that it is very quick and easy to do.

Flat Matte and Waxing Cream

A hand waxed finish, when done properly, is luxurious. But the key is… when done properly. I hope you all know by now that when you run you hand across a wax finish, it should not feel tacky or sticky.   If it does, you have applied too much wax. I always advise apply ¼ of the amount of wax that you think you should and even then you may have too much. Over application of wax is a very common problem and one of the reasons why we introduced our brush on sealers.

So, what is different about this combination of finishes? The look from this finish has a soft, light sheen that resists showing fingerprints and smudges. That is a common complaint of waxed finishes, and by using wax over the Flat Matte, it diminishes the chances of that happening. It’s more durable than using either alone, as well, as it retains a water-resistant quality.

Did you know that our Flat Matte is water-resistant on it’s on? It is! That is why the application instructions specify applying it ‘wet on wet.’ That means you want your previous coat of Flat Matte to be slightly damp when you apply a second coat. (If it is water resistant once it dries, if you wait until it dries to apply the additional coats, it won’t adhere!)

Now, I always use three coats of Flat Matte. That’s just me. You can use just one or two, but there is something about that third coat that makes me happy. It is so easy to apply that putting three coats on doesn’t take any time. No need to worry about brush strokes, as you will not see them. If you have product pooling in an area, use a dry, lint-free cloth to absorb the excess to speed up your final dry time.

Once I have applied the Flat Matte and it has dried, I apply my wax. Our Waxing Cream is my wax of choice. It is much more economical because it takes such a tiny amount, as compared to other waxes. Also, you can buff it as you apply it, eliminating the need to buff it later that day. If you don’t have our Waxing Cream yet, you can use our Clear Wax if that is your preference. When you apply wax over Flat Matte, it goes on easier than if you apply it over raw paint. The Flat Matte tempers the paint for an even wax application. Should you desire a glossier finish, you can add additional coats of wax and buff to a higher sheen.

Wine and Coffee

I love sharing this finish with people in classes. I stun them by pouring coffee and red wine on it, allowing it to sit, and then blotting it off. First you will notice that the liquids just sit there; they do not absorb into the wood. When you blot them off you will see a slight bit of moisture in the paint but it dries quickly back to its original appearance. As always, you don’t want to allow spills to sit on any of your painted and sealed surfaces for extended periods. While water-resistant, is it not water-proof or impenetrable.

Want to see how easy it is to do this?

I hope you try the Flat Matte and wax finish. I think you will be hooked on it, as I am. Let us know how you like it and show up what you use it on.