Home decor in general is the subject of this week’s Social Saturday.  Do you have a Pinterest® pin that you look at every time you are on the site?  How about an Instagram® pic that you want to re-gram every day? I do and I will share in a bit.  First let me tell you about Social SaturdayS and how it works.

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Social Saturday – Home Decor

Social Saturday is where you do the work!  Not really, we just want to see what you are crushing over.  It is that time of the year when all the big names share what is hot for the year.  Sometimes I look at their lists and think “really”?  That white, minimalist living room?  I love the look but ….  How many of you can pull that off and still have a life?  Kids, pets, spouses and red wine tend to make a white sofa off-limits for me.

white minimalist living room home decor

Source: https://nonagaya.com/30-home-decor-minimalist-idea/

I am going to share some home decor pins that I love.  This is the audience participation portion of this post: you know, the social part of it.  I want you to share a pin to our Facebook® page (just click this link to transport yourself to it) that gives you the vapors.  We like to make being social easy:  you can share with your pj’s on, with bed-head, and before you are fully caffeinated! We don’t judge. Just go to your favorite pin, copy the address of it, and paste it to our Facebook page.  If you want, you can even tell us what it is about the pin that has you captivated.

Which home decor pins do I have saved that I love?  First up is a painted furniture piece.  It is not my current decor style but I am drawn to it.  Evidently a lot of others are also.  When I look at my Pinterest stats it is always in the top five for the time period.  It is from Shades Of Blue Interiors.


SOURCE: http://www.shadesofblueinteriors.com/

Next is a wallpaper that I would love to use in my laundry room/butlers pantry.  The room is in desperate need of a makeover. Right now I just keep the door closed and try not to look at it.  Wouldn’t this paper be fun in a laundry room.   It comes in a neutral and a deep orange which is a fave of mine.  It is from Beware The Moon, a UK based wallpaper company.

ostrich with head stuck in ground wallpaper dark orange background cream ostrich home decor

Source: https://beware-the-moon.com/

Since I am in the midst of a pretend home makeover, I might as well share the tub of my dreams.  We used fixtures and faucets from Signature Hardware in our master bath remodel and was very pleased with their quality and service.  While I love this tub, I actually have my main bath’s new design already and sadly it will not work in there.  Also, let’s be real, the price of that tub is a good chunk of my total remodel budget.

copper interior slipper bath tub with grayed exterior home decor

Source: www.signaturehardware.com

Now for something that I may actually get around to doing.  I can keep succulents alive and I love this up-cycle of an old floor lamp.   String of Pearls is a variety I haven’t had the chance to get yet (as it is always sold out!) but I will find one this spring.  It seems to be from HomEsthetics.

vintage floor lamp up-cycled into a planter filled with succulents home decor

Source: https://homesthetics.net

Now for the pin that gives me the vapors.  I am searching for a queen bed to replace our current one and I want it to have great details that I can paint in a similar fashion.  I have searched for the original source of this pin, without luck. The earliest dated source I can find is from Stylish Patina and she says it was done with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® but does not give credit to the painter.  To whomever painted it, KUDOS!

corner of armoire painted in gray and creams home decor

Source: http://www.stylishpatina.com/


Now let’s get social!  Head over to Facebook and share the home decor pins you are giddy over. I’ll see you over there.

Happy birthday Mother!  You would have been 84 today.  I am at the point in my life when I can, way to easily, envision myself in situations when I was your age at the time of my memory.  Even nearly a decade after you leaving this earth, you inspire, you nudge, your give the look.  You are loved.  You are missed.







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