I mixed about eight colors this week, trying to come up with the color I wanted for this week’s Mixology Monday. Nothing was ‘speaking’ to me. It is not just the color but the inspiration behind it, and I was not feeling inspired by any of them yet. I moved on to another project I was working on and decided I wanted a copper color for use on the piece. While we have a great copper metallic wax, Bingham Canyon Copper, I wanted a copper-toned paint. When I mixed it, I knew it was this week’s color.


Jerome, AZ — Photo Credit John Hardison

I mixed Jerome Copper by blending two parts of Pueblo Pepper and one part Middleton Mustard. I would deem it a dark copper color. It is named after Jerome, Arizona.   Jerome is not far from my home and our manufacturing facility and a place I enjoy going for quick day trips.

Jerome Copper

Left Side with Bingham Canyon Copper Wax — Right Side Jerome Copper

The town was built into the side of Cleopatra’s Hill and sits at about 5200’ of elevation. In 1903, the town was called the “wickedest town in the west” by the New York Sun. At one time, Jerome had over 15,000 residents and was the largest producer of copper in Arizona. Men came from all over the world to work in the now-closed copper mines. Today it is quaint, western community that is a great place to spend a day. It is now considered a ghost town and was declared a National Historic District in 1967. Unlike other ghost towns I have visited, though, there are no shoot-out at noon or other cowboy reenactments.


Big Boss Iggy in Jerome

Jerome now offers visitors fabulous scenery, scary inclines, good wine, fun shops, and spooky hotels. My ever-present “Go Green” necklace came from a little store in Jerome. There are a couple of shop’s doorways that have some exquisite chippy paint on them. I love looking at the interesting architecture (homes and businesses teetering on the side of the mountain) and vintage relics that one comes across in the community.

Jerome’s current ‘claim to fame’ is Tim McClellan. He was on the premier season of Ellen’s Design Challenge. They listed him as being from Durango, CO, but he primarily lives in Jerome and his furniture design company, Western Heritage Furniture is located in the old Mingus Union High School in Jerome.   Tim uses reclaimed wood for most of his projects. Y’all know I am all about repurposing and reusing products. Not only is his work fantastic, he is also concerned about our natural resources. I have been admiring his work since my first visit in 2012. Jerome is a great town to find the work of many artists, representing a variety of medias, in addition to Tim’s.


Tim McClellan

Jerome Copper: 2 parts Pueblo Pepper : 1 part Middleton Mustard


 CeCe’s Tips for Visiting Jerome, AZ

  • Go during the week if you can. Weekends are always crowded, and parking is VERY limited.
  • You may be in Arizona, but don’t expect blistering temperatures. If you were there today, the high would be in the 60’s and a good breeze is blowing. June is the warmest month. July – September is monsoon season; expect afternoon thunderstorms.  It is fabulous to watch the thunderheads roll in from the Asylum at the Grand Hotel.
  • Drive carefully! The road is very narrow, there are switchbacks in town and a section of the road is one way.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes.
  • Bring your camera.
  • Don’t bring your large RV. There is a vehicle length limit on 89A.
  • Motorcycles love the windy roads and switchbacks around Jerome — look twice and save a life.
  • Visit the world’s largest brick and mortar kaleidoscope store.
  • If you are fan of the band Tool, or good wines, visit Maynard James Keenan’s Caduceus Cellars and Merkin Vineyards Tasting Room.

Caduceus Cellars — Photo Credit helikedmyshoes.wordpress.com