This week’s color came at the request of several readers who requested a color similar to the retired color Mississippi Mud.   I was happy to mix it, as Mississippi was always a personal preference. Unfortunately, lower sales are the primary reason that colors go into retirement. At times colors we retire are personal favorites of mine. While I still do have a can of MM it, it won’t last forever.


To make San José Latte, I mixed California Gold and Myrtle Beach Sand.   It is 4 parts of California Gold to 3 parts of Myrtle Beach Sand. It is a simple mixture and one that you can probably “eyeball” and still get very close to the color I mixed up.


The San José color reminds me of an American latte: a light tan with a lot of warmth. I Googled “California city with largest coffee habit” and found San José to be in the pole position, with its neighbor San Francisco as the next California city in the lineup. I chose California because the mix is made primarily from California Gold. What I didn’t realize is that San José actually ranks as the third most caffeinated in the US. I also found out, as a country, America does not even make the top ten list of coffee loving countries.


San José residents love their coffee. They are right behind Seattle and Portland residents with their java habit. There is a coffee shop for every 5000 residents for the city. They whip New York City hands down, as every 12,500 people in the Big Apple have to share a coffee shop. While Seattle residents spend an average of $36.00 per month per person on coffee, San José residents spending is right behind at $34.00 per month. San José edges out Portland in spending on a cuppa joe, as PDXer’s only spend $33.00 per month on their coffee drinks.

If you are one of those who do not like coffee, I am okay with that. You can still mix up San José Latte and feel free to name it something else. Some of us could probably attend a 12 step program for out coffee habits. I do love my morning cups. How about you? Love it or hate it? How do you take your coffee? I drink mine “Old South style”– coffee with a splash of evaporated milk (fat free preferred).

San Jose Latte: 4 parts California Gold to 3 parts Myrtle Beach Sand