Danielle Patridge Alaska Tundra Green

This week’s Mixology Monday is about mixing products to obtain your desired results. Last week, Danielle Patridge shared this picture of a sign she painted using Alaska Tundra Green and our newest Stain+Finish color, Beech Nut Gray, as a glaze.

While she used it on a Christmas sign, the same combination could easily be used for a coastal feel, in a nursery, or with cottage decor. This mix would also work in my industrial-styled home. Basically, I cannot think of any style that this combo would not work well with!

Danielle described the method like this: “The Beech Nut straight over the ATG and wiped back. I fall in love with colors from time to time… This is my new crush… I want to paint everything this color right now.”

Using Stain+Finish as a glaze is an ‘off-label’ use, but Stain + Finish works fantastic as a pre-colored glaze. If you are glazing a large piece, I suggest you apply a coat of Clear Glaze, Satin Finish or Endurance to give more open time when using with the Stain+Finish as a glaze. This also prevents the Stain+Finish from absorbing too quickly into the paint. You will be able to wipe off more of the glaze if you use a sealer before applying the Stain+Finish (or any other colored glaze). More directions can be found in our How To section here.

ATG Glaze

Danielle is from Littleton, Colorado, and her brand is Reclamation Designs. She is on Facebook and has a blog. The mirrors that she has on her last blog post are to die for! She bought them to sell but they ended up staying in her own home. I would not have parted with them either. Danielle clearly has a wonderful sense of color layering. I believe she was our very first Colorado Retailer. I have visited her shop but sadly she was out of town. I hope to meet her this coming weekend. I will be in the Denver, CO area. On Saturday, I will be teaching a class at Djuna on Saturday and at the Grand Reopening of Fresh Flower Market, in Aurora, CO on the following Monday. If you are able to make it to Djuna, I look forward to meeting you there, too!