Today’s Mixology Monday is a little different, as today is a special holiday for the BIG BOSS (AKA Iggy, my perfect Grandson!) He is obsessed with anything Star Wars, including his favorite book to have read at night, “Darth Vader and Son,” which tells the story of Darth Vader and a toddler Luke.  He also loves the LEGO Star Wars toys, Storm Troopers, and, most importantly, light sabers! ANYTHING can be turned into a light saber, as I am sure you know… sticks, hair brushes, wrapping paper tubes… But that led to the inspiration of today’s color. imgp5108Darth_Vader_and_Son

There are different colors of light sabers in Star Wars — green, red, purple, etc — and they are said to have different meanings. Almost each of these colors, we have a color in a collection for, except for the blue. So, today, I mixed up a blue color, which is to resemble Anakin Skywalker’s blue light saber. byss-star-wars-anakin-luke-skywalker-blue-lightsaber


To achieve this color, I mixed Santa Fe Turquoise and Newport Navy in a 3:1 ratio. Newport Navy toned down the Santa Fe Turquoise and gave it a richness that was needed to achieve the right shade. On top of that, I added the Sierra Silver Metallic Wax to give it ‘glow’ it needed, as a light saber would. Since we normally show you the color on one our CeCe Caldwell’s Paints sticks, I also painted the base with Vermont Slate, so that it resembles a light saber. I can’t wait to give it to Iggy to add to his collection! This also makes a fun and inexpensive toy or party favor!

As usual, I needed to name this color…. So, I went with Alaska Beryl Blue, as Alaska has the largest concentration of Star Wars fans! I hope you try out this color for a Star Wars lover in your life, or, maybe, just as a new color to add to your ‘custom’ collection. May the Fourth Be With You!!