Photo of the teal blue waters of the Blue River Reservoir in Oregon surrounded by stately evergreen trees and a rocky shore with driftwood.

The Blue River Reservoir in Oregon. Creative Commons – CC0. Photos transferred to the public domain from Creative Commons.

It has been way too long since we have blogged about a color mix.  The recent CeCe Caldwell’s Paint Mixology Monday’s have just been quick social media posts.  However, when I saw this color, I knew it demanded the royal treatment.  For those new to our Mixology Monday, our blended colors are given names that meet the requirements of all of our standard colors.  They are named after states, towns, regions, or well know areas within the United States.  Today’s color is no different.  It is named after Blue River, Oregon.  The community itself, takes it name from the Blue River in the gorgeous Willamette Valley.  They say the river gets it blue color from the rocky river bed.  If you have never been to the Willamette Valley, please put it on your bucket list.  It is the place where you can get a free re-charge from Mother Nature.

In some ways, this Mixology Monday is a bit different.  It was inspired by a piece that we shared with you and told you all of the colors used (6 in total) but did not share that one color was a mix.  This scroll stopping piece was created by High Cotton Uptown in Forsyth, GA.  High Cotton Uptown

Large 2 doored vertically oriented cabinet painted in shades of green, blue and teal.

Beautiful Garden Cabinet created by CeCe Caldwell’s Retailer, High Cotton, in Forsyth, GA.


The final color of the cabinet was a mix. It is a blend of Thomasville Teal and Magnolia Leaf.  It is the blend we are calling Blue River.  It is 3 parts Thomasville Teal to 1 part Magnolia Leaf.  The previous color used under the Blue River was Cinco Bayou Moss.  As you can see they did not use a heavy coat of Blue River and the green-gold of Cinco Bayou Moss is showing through in places as well as giving the Blue River a slightly greener cast than if you used a full opaque layer of paint.  Under the Cinco layer was a layer of pure Thomasville Teal and under that a layer of Spring Hill Green.  They snuck in some Seattle Mist and Vermont Slate as well, for the highlighting.  I can’t wait to use this as the inspiration for a piece that I need to paint.

Paint sticked painted Blue River

Blue River Paint Stick

3 parts Thomasville Teal to 1 part Magnolia Leaf = Blue River

3 paint sticks painted left to right Thomasville Teal, Magnolia Leaf and Blue River

Left to Right: Thomasville Teal,  Magnolia Leaf,  Blue River


I really love this shade of teal.  I was painting a dresser when I mixed it up and have now started to repaint the dresser in Blue River!

Till next time,

Peace to all,