I was working on a small, personal project for our living room.   We needed a specific place to store the remote controls that seem to be everywhere. Everywhere, that is, except where they should be. My plan was to use a small tray to hold them. The tray is a simple three board square made from buffed pallet wood. While it looked good with its natural patina, I wanted to give it a bit more contrast against my lighter wood coffee table. I knew a quick wipe with one of our Stain + Finish colors would do the job.

I could have went very dramatic and used Kukui. In fact, any of our Stain + Finish colors would have worked. However, true to my nature, I mixed a custom color. Over the last week I had been looking at the recent trends of new furniture and home décor accessories, and I am sure it prompted my final color choice.

I had spent some time on line visiting a few of my favorite stores: Anthropolgie, West Elm and Restoration Hardware.   While I love all three of the stores, most of their items are a bit pricey for me, unless I catch a good sale. I do love to window shop, from the comfort of my own home, and I mentally purchased something from each store.

Do you want to see my new (pretend) home goods?   At Anthropolgie, I bought this side table. Anthro

It would work well beside my transitional style sofa, next to the stairs. Actually, I think it is a fair price for the piece, if it is as sturdy as it appears.

As I left Anthroplogie, I refilled my coffee mug and headed over to Restoration Hardware. I still need a day bed for my office, a chair for my bedroom and an “Idon’tknowwhat” to go beside the big cabinet in the living room. I found this library console at Restoration Hardware. RHI think it may work to balance out the huge cabinet that dominates our living room. I am doing pretty well; I still have time to scoot over to West Elm.

Of course, I started in the clearance section. I found a throw rug on sale. rug I think it would work outside the bathroom door, in my bedroom. I found the perfect daybed for our home office. bed It looks like it has great fort-building capabilities for BigBoss. As a VIP to a 4 year old, that is a very important feature, as this will be his bed when visiting us. I didn’t find a chair for our bedroom, but I will keep shopping.

The one thing I noticed in all of the stores I visited, warm wood tones are very popular. I am seeing less deep browns and near blacks and more of the mid-tone warm tones and lighter grays and browns.

So… let’s recreate that.


I knew I wanted the warmth that the Praline would impart but the depth of  Kukui to get the perfect shade. I used 6 parts of Savannah to 1 part of Kukui to make a color I call Florence Pecan. Did you know our Stain + Finish could be mixed the same as our paints? What do you think about this Florence Pecan?

Pecan Stain + Finish: 6 parts Savannah Praline : 1 part Kukui

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