This week I am sharing a mixture of our Sierra Silver Metallic Wax and our Dark Aging Cream. I often mix and layer our Metallic Waxes to achieve the precise color to highlight the piece I am painting with CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk + Clay Paints. You can create an unbelievable amount of looks and styles, just by adding a bit of colored wax to your piece!

A couple of weeks ago I shared the recipe for Fawn Lake. The color has quickly become a favorite for me. Melanie at Rustic Tids and Bits also loved the color and used it on this piece.


As most things happen, I was experimenting with different finishes for the new color. I tried Aging Cream and all of the various Metallic Waxes.   Nothing was giving me the look I could so plainly see in my mind until I had an “Eureka” moment and blended Sierra Silver and Aging Cream.   I knew the first moment the colors intermingled completely that it was what I had imagined.   It still feels magical when that happens.


Thomas Edison Quote

The equal mix of Sierra Silver and Aging Cream makes a lightly metalized gray I call Plymouth Pewter. When applied over Fawn Lake, it invokes industrial sense instead of the shimmering glitz produced by using Sierra Silver alone. Metallic finishes are hard to photograph. I hope the camera lens captures the warmth of this color.   Better yet, mix some up yourself and give it a try.

Pewter Plymouth