I had hours to kill in airports this week and I used them to peruse Pinterest to look for my Friday Favorites. There, before my eyes were so many quick projects that I could have knocked out during the time I was waiting to board a plane. I started thinking about how I could paint in a terminal. I pretty much figured it out, however, there would not be any room left in my carry on for shoes! (Truthfully, clothes either, but shoes are far more important.) This week’s Friday Favorites from Pinterest are all easy-to-do, quick projects.

I stumbled across this project a few weeks/months ago and thought it was brilliant.   I am so glad I found it again for this week’s favorites. As those who know me know, I am a little obsessed with up cycling and repurposing. The lamps were deconstructed and painted and then turned into candleholders. A fantastic up cycle


THIS is the link to the original pin by Dandelion Patina. She chose Smoky Mountain as her base color. Smoky has always been a fav of mine.   It is a blue/green/gray.   It blends well into many settings.

My next pin is a wonderful grouping of small items most of us already have at home (or can easily find at thrift markets). Shabby Lane painted them all Vintage White. Painting similar items the same color and grouping them can add a lot of interest to a bare spot in your home.   You could also use them as a centerpiece for your table. There are so many possibilities when you paint a small collection.


The link to the original pin is here. You can visit their page by clicking here. I was surprised when I worked my way back to the original pin and post. It turned out to be ReLove Market. I KNOW ReLove Market. Ashley, our CeCe Caldwell’s Paints Midwest distributor, owns it!

I chose the favorite for a couple of reasons. The most important one is because of the color it was painted. Secondly, it is one of the first thing many people paint when learning to use our paints.   Taking an old picture frame and painting in with CeCe paints is the most basic of up cycles. The color, Enchanted Lilac, is very near and dear to my heart. We were asked by Enchanted Makeovers to be a sponsor of their Sacred Sewing Room tour this year.   Once I read the history of Enchanted Makeovers, I could not say YES fast enough.


Karen “Good Time Charley” Berg painted this frame.   She is the queen of dumpster diving and curb picking. Karen featured this frame on her blog and the original pin is on this board.

The next time you are feeling overwhelmed, creative but pressed for time, or need to procrastinate a little, look around and see what quick and easy project you can whip out.   Visit my Friday Favorite Pinterest boards and see the other easy projected I pinned this week. Share your favorite CeCe projects with us here. Stop by Facebook and say hello.

Until next Friday…