I was looking at pictures on Facebook this week and ran across this one that Staci Bentley had posted.

Lena Maxey

I found it here, in case you cannot see the instructions well enough.

Staci is our South Central Distributor. She and her husband Ramsey are responsible for the states of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky. (I hope that is correct, as I did not double check myself.) In addition to being distributors, they also have a shop in Tampa, Lena Maxey, as well doing a lot custom refurbishing, refinishing and custom woodwork out of the Enterprise AL area. If you do not follow them on the South Central Distributor Facebook page and/or the Lena Maxey page, you are missing out.   They do fantastic work and often alter vintage furniture to make it a bit more modern and useful to current lifestyles.

When I saw the picture and read the instructions, I realized I usually share tints or new hue mixes and not shades. Shades are the colors created when you add black to an existing color. Adding white to a color creates tints.

I am sharing two shades with you this week. Philly Newsprint Gray and Olivebridge Green.   I started the mix Staci used for the mirror and lightened it just a small amount. I used four parts Young Kansas Wheat instead of three. Once it dried I kept seeing old newsprint in my mind.   You remember the old kind where the ink would smudge from the print. The gray that was created from the ink smudge is what this color reminds me of. Did you know that the first daily newspaper was printed in Philadelphia, PA? It was the Pennsylvania Packet, in 1784.   Actually, Pennsylvania has a lot of ‘firsts’, such as the first libarary 1731 and the first public protest of slavery in America, in 1688. You can review more of “Pennsylvania firsts” here.

<<Normally, we insert a picture of the newly created colors… They are MIA currently! As soon as they are recovered, we will insert the picture!>>

For Olivebridge I could have chosen Olive Branch, Mississippi or Olive Hill, Kentucky or just plain Olive, New York. Actually Olivebridge, NY is a hamlet within Olive, NY. I picked Olivebridge because the color is a dark olive green. My husband says it fits well within the military ‘olive drab’ color family. Quoting Wikipedia, “Olivebridge achieved some notoriety when its tiny government successfully stood up to New York City on several land use/property tax issues, as well as its Town Justice Court rejecting the legal validity of a preemptive 35 mph speed limit imposed on roads surrounding the Ashokan Reservoir by New York City.” I believe Olivebridge must be a strong, independent type of community. Three cheers for Olivebridge! You will find the hamlet nestled in the Catskill Mountains, in Ulster County, NY.

Paint shades are a great way of creating depth and dimension on a project piece. They also work well when layering colors since they are so easy to mix by adding a touch of Vermont Slate of Beckley Coal to your decanted CeCe Caldwell’s Paints color. You don’t have to do precise measurements, just eyeball it.

Philly Newsprint Gray: 3 parts Young Kansas Wheat : 1 part Vermont Slate

Olivebridge Green: 3 parts Cinco Bayou Moss : 1 part Vermont Slate