Fridays seem to come a lot quicker now that I have a standing deadline. The year is flying buy; I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is less than 3 weeks away.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  It is the time when all people put aside differences and join with each other and give thanks.  I have had some years that the main thing I was thankful for was that THAT YEAR was almost over!  I have one particular Thanksgiving that is my most bittersweet memory; the Thanksgiving that reminds me to be thankful for each day. Which is your favorite holiday?

This week, I am changing up my Pinterest Friday Favorites a bit.  I have pinned pictures from four different boards that I follow.  I am going to share those pins and the board they came from.  They are really random boards.  One is an Americana board.  The pins on that board are primarily what I will call American historical quaintness. There is a lighting board that features an astounding array of light fixtures.  (I love interesting light fixtures!) The third one presents pallet projects.  These are so popular and I am constantly amazed at the different ways people come up with to use them.  The last is a board filled with fabulous cabinets and chests.  It is a great source of inspiration when painting furniture. As usual, I have pinned a couple of extra pins and I have added the links to the boards to the pins.




This old, richly patina   d chandelier is fabulous.  I would love to find something similar. I am torn as where I would use it in the house, but I think the bathroom (that I have mentally designed) would be the winner.  I found it on this Pinterest board collected by Mona Thompson. The board is full of beautiful pieces to bring light to your world.




The Americana board features memories of my past, like this old Chevy pickup. Eva Stahlschmidt has gathered some great pins of images that were plentiful just a few decades ago. Enjoy the fun trip back in time that the board offers.


The use of used pallets has become increasingly popular. I have seen complex-building projects constructed of pallet wood and simply, basic projects such as this clock.



The board Pallet Things by Marc is sure to get your creative juices flowing if you are feeling the need to saw, hammer and nail this weekend.


If you are reading this blog, I have to assume that you are interested in painted furniture. The final board is named Cabinets and Cupboards by Feia Construction, LLC – Susie Feia. This cupboard is stunning. It is full of color, love, memories and texture.



I really enjoyed looking at all of her boards. They represent some of the best of Pinterest.


Which of these boards do you like the best? Do you have a ‘very favorite’ board that you follow? Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Do you have a board I would fall in love with? Let me know what it is so I can visit it.