I am late (as is so often the case) getting my blog post to Lauren to work her magic with and post. When the blog posting runs late, you can still go to my Friday Favorites board and see my pins for the week.

In less than one week, most Americans will gather with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving. We will express our gratitude for the things we have, either openly or in private. In the United States we have many reasons to be appreciative. Probably, one of the most important things we have that we should not forget is the Bill of Rights. It empowers our citizens in so many ways that others do not have. Most famous are those recorded in the first amendment: freedom of speech, press, religion, and assembly.

The majority of us will eat a hearty meal. For some, other unseen Americans will provide this meal to them. Thankfully, many Americans open their homes, their pantries, and their wallets and give their time so the less fortunate can partake of a proper meal each fourth Thursday in November. To each of you who make sure others have food on their table on Thanksgiving, I thank you.

Then there are those who will celebrate on a different day because their family and friends have to work. Growing up, this was common in my family’s home. My father often had to work holidays. When you are reflecting on the reasons you are thankful, please remember those whose jobs require they work on holidays.

This week when looking at Pinterest, I was looking for project pieces painted in fall colors. Make sure you take a look at all of the pieces I pinned on Friday Favorites this week HERE. I only share a few of them on this post.

First this is week is a sideboard. One Barn Lane used Pueblo Pepper and Jersey Tomato to create a perfect marriage of color.   I would love to see this piece filled with the Thanksgiving feast.

One Barn Lane

I fell in love with this piece the moment I spied it. It is perfect by not looking precise. The hand-painted details achieve what a stencil never could: the perfect enhancement. Middleton Mustard was used by Melissa Sayler, owner of The Vintage Attic in Funkstown, MD.

The Vintage Attic

I would love to sit at this Michigan Pine desk to compile my shopping list for our Thanksgiving Dinner. It was painted by Janet Vanndehaar and is available at Natty Trappings in Cayuga, Ontario, Canada.

Natty Trappings

The CeCe Caldwell’s Paints family and I would like to thank you for using our products, sharing your painting experiences with us and wish each of you a happy Thanksgiving. I hope your life is blessed with a bounty of joy, love, peace and good health.