The last two weeks we have had guest hosts on Mixology Monday. Two weeks ago, Laura Hughes, one of the Northeast CeCe Caldwell’s Distributors and co-owner of Vintage This Repurpose That, in Orwigsburg, PA shared NYC Ballet Pink with us. It is a softened pink that is the perfect color for a feminine touch. Last week, Erin Gunckle Debri, of Grand Ledge, MI and owner of Painted Teal, shared a mixology of paint colors and our finish products that replicates old barn wood. The technique is perfect for your projects that use new wood but you do not want that ‘new wood’ look.  Think of all of the small accessory pieces you can make from scraps left from other wood projects. My thanks and deep appreciation to both of these ladies for the great color and finish they both shared.

This week we are going to explore the most basic to paint mixing techniques: creating a new tint by adding white paint to a “colored” paint. I choose my favorite blue from our palette: Thomasville Teal. We will give a quart of Thomasville Teal, a quart of the white of your choice, and a surprise, new color of a product that will be released later this week to the first person to correctly answer the question of which city/state Thomasville Teal was named after and why I choose the name. Submit your answers on our Facebook page.

What do I mean when I use the word tint? It is any mixture of a “color” and white, which increases lightness of the “color”. It is one of the most basic of concepts in art color theory, so I am going to show you the differences obtained when you use different colors of white. I will be using our Dover White Wash, Simply White and Vintage White.

 Three Whites

Dover White Wash is our uncolored white. It does not contain colorants; it is one of the paint bases that we use in making the other colors in the CeCe Caldwell’s Paints palette. It is more of a translucent color. It takes many coats when using it alone to cover the base color or finish. However, it is my white of choice. If I want opaque coverage, I will paint with a coat of Simply White first to block the previous color and then finish with a coat or two of Dover White Wash. I also love using it when dry brushing. This shows mixing Dover and Thomasville at a 1:1 ratio (the darkest tint), a 2:1 ratio and the lightest is a 3:1 ratio.

Our bright white is Simply White. As the name describes, it is a great basic, pure white with good masking qualities. I use it when I do not want a white with a noticeable undertone that would compete with the other colors I am using. This is Simply and Thomasville, again mixed at the 1 to 1, 2 to 1 and 3 to 1 ratios.

Vintage White is named for what it represents: a white that has aged and discolored slightly with time. It has a yellow undertone, as most of the vintage pieces that were painted white have turned with the years of life they have enjoyed.   It is also known as “Doozie White” around our place. Donna “Doozie” Haile is our Central US Region Distributor.  She is the owner of Doozie’s Corner in McKinney, Texas. It is her signature color. Everyone notices when she paints something in another color, which is as rare as hen’s teeth. I have even had people text me to tell me she was painting in a ‘color’! Here, we mixed the Vintage and Thomasville the same ratios: 1:1, 2:1, and 3:1.

mixing tint

Here they are, side by side, so you can see the differences. When I share a recipe and use a specific white, you can always sub one of the others whites. By using one ‘color’ and mixing it with the three different whites, you will have a better idea of how it will change your mix. I hope you always take my recipes and use them as a starting point; adapting to your needs and wants to make them your own, personal mix.

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