Another Wednesday means it is the day to add more entries into our furniture painting glossary.   The  day we share with you meaning of terms as they are used by furniture artists.

blue dictionary furniture painting glossary

We know that Wednesday’s words aren’t very exciting, however having access to a furniture painting glossary is a good thing.

Distressing – The process of removing some of the paint or stain on a piece of furniture or cabinetry to give it a worn and aged appearance.

For distressing to look authentic care must be taken to remove paint in the areas where the piece would have naturally become worn.

Look at furniture in your home, antique store and vintage shops that have been naturally worn for inspiration and direction.

Worn metal chair at a table CeCe Caldwell's Furniture Painting Glossary

Look at items around you to learn how furniture naturally ages.


Glazing -Process of applying a tinted, but transparent paint over a base coat.

Glazing  is used to produce certain blended effects, as in antiquing, or to softly modulate the original color without obscuring it.

CeCe Caldwell’s offers a Clear Glaze that can be tinted by using our Chalk + Clay Paint or Stain + Finish

Holidays – A term used to indicate a skipped or missed portion unintentionally left uncoated with paint. Voids in the dried paint film.

Texture – The general physical appearance, or the impression created by a surface structure. Texture generally infers an uneven, irregular or rough surface.

By using a 2-dimensional texture you can add character and depth.

Substrate – The surface that is being painted.

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